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How Are Web Design And Development Different?

All websites require professional WordPress Website Design and Development Services to succeed online. However, we have noticed a lot of people using these two terms interchangeably, causing a lot of confusion among businesses. In reality, web development and web design are two different services that must work together to help your website achieve ideal results.

If you are looking for a professional to help you relaunch your business website – perhaps to boost sales – it’s essential to work with a company, such as Recyclerslab, that offers development and design expertise. Let’s check out the top differences between these two services.

Web Design – The Face

Web design embraces everything a visitor might see or experience when visiting your website. It includes animation, graphics, videos, pages, navigation, layout, colors, and more, helping businesses create a good show for their customers.

A professional web designer must understand what your customers are looking for and interpret that in terms of your brand identity and offering. Web design generally involves creating mock-ups backed by brand research and a professional understanding of your website’s functional requirements.

Besides your brand and business requirements, a professional web designer will also consider your visitors’ desired user experience. As long as you have an attractive website design, users will spend more time browsing through your website, increasing the overall chances of conversion. Our professional WordPress Website Design and Development Services will also help you work on responsive design – how your website design works on different devices like mobile, desktops, and tablets.

Web Development – The Foundation

Web development has to do with everything that goes on backstage. Like every successful presentation, much work is happening behind the scenes. A professional web developer will help write all the programming that makes your website features accessible, from shopping carts to blog posts to pop-up windows and chat boxes.

Like web design, web development also helps you provide an improved experience to your visitors in an indirect way. Where your website’s design enables you to attract and hold the user’s attention, the primary goal of web development is to ensure you have the best performance so your website can continue to hold value for the user.

A good web development agency will consider your website’s current and future needs. For instance, you only need simple programming when launching a website initially. However, its framework should also have room to expand its overall functionality and performance as your business grows.

Website development is a challenging undertaking. It is a job that requires the skill of building new website features from designer mock-ups and manipulating codes. Website Design and Development Services generally work together to help create new features or help resolve issues. A professional developer will help ensure your website remains functional across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices. They will also ensure your website operates perfectly while adhering to the best SEO standards and practices.


One thing about Website Design and Development Services is that though they are distinct, the success of one usually depends on the other. An attractive business website design will not be enough to hold the visitor’s value if they cannot sign up for your company newsletter. Similarly, a user might lose interest quickly in a highly-functional website if it lacks personality.

The primary benefit of working with Recyclerslab is that our in-house WordPress Website Design and Development Services are executed by professionals with years of experience and training in the field. Our firm has multiple specialist developers and designers who like to stay updated with all the latest industry trends. At Recyclerslab, our team uses technical expertise and creativity to build high-performing websites in no time.

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