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Why Are My Instagram Story Views So Low & How Can I Increase Them?

Instagram, primarily launched as a photo-messaging app in 2010, has swelled into the largest advertising-boosting social networking platform, with reportedly over two billion monthly active users in the last thirteen years.

Most business owners know that Instagram (IG) Stories are a great way to engage with their audience online and build robust relationships. But it can be frustrating if your Story does not get enough views or the attention from the world-level marketplace you hoped for.

So why is this happening? Are people not interested in what you put out there? Or is there something else? While we can push the best promotional content to millions of people worldwide via Instagram, it would not reach a large chunk of its target audience because you might not be using location tagging or the correct hashtags.

In today’s blog, our Recyclers Lab’s Social Media Management Service team will share tips to help you increase views on your Instagram Stories. So, if your IG Story views have been the same for a while or are declining, we suggest you take the following measures for better results:

Location Tagging Can Help.

You can put your Story in front of new audiences using location tags. It will allow everyone in the tagged location to view your Stories, opening it up to more views from a larger audience pool.

When someone searches for a location on IG, they can see what other Instagram users post around that place. As IG displays user-generated content from different areas, your Story will have a greater chance of getting displayed.

Always Use The Right Hashtags.

Hashtags are an incredible tool that can help you increase your Instagram posts’ overall reach and visibility. However, most people still need to realize that it can do the same wonders to your Stories. Given all the emphasis IG puts on hashtags, it’s time you start using them in your Stories.

Appropriate and relevant hashtags should ensure your Stories get more views. Though IG currently allows users to only add up to ten hashtags in their Stories, it is usually enough to grab the attention of your target audience.

Instagram even allows people to follow different hashtags, meaning you can use this tool to reach interested active users. If you want to avoid overwhelming your followers with hashtags, many Social Media Management Service professionals suggest you decrease the size of your hashtags and place a sticker on them.

Try Posting At The Right Time!

If you are trying to increase the number of views on your Stories, you must know the best time to post. Posting stories when most of your target audience is active will give your stories a higher chance of getting viewed.

Generally, uploading a Story between 9 am and 4 pm (on weekdays) should help you fetch more views. However, it might be different for you, depending on the time zone of your target audience. Try to analyze your Instagram followers’ activity to find out the best (and worst) time for engagement. Professional Social Media Management Services can help you analyze your target audience and followers to find the best time to upload a Story.

Mentioning Loyal Followers

Mentioning your brand followers in Stories is a sure-shot way to get more views. You can easily tag up to ten people in your Story. For instance, you could host quiz competitions on your Stories and mention all winners in your next Story.

Once tagged, they will receive a notification and can add it to their own stories. When your loyal customers share your Stories, their followers will also view these, many of which might visit your profile and become new followers.

You should even ask your customers to share their reviews of your product on Instagram and tag your business account. You can then reshare these stories on your profile to make your customers feel valuable and special. We also suggest you consider creating a highlight of all mentions on your profile.


The methods mentioned in today’s blog should help you get genuine views without much effort. If you feel like your stories need to get more views on IG, consider working with Social Media Management Services. They will have years of experience in the field, which can come in handy. However, if you don’t notice any significant results, consider contacting Recyclerslab for professional assistance.

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